Design Process

Step 1: Design Questionnaire

Create a customer account and click the "website design questionnaire" tab! It is a medium-length questionnaire that will help to give me an idea of your style, your vision, and your purpose for your brand/process! This step is extremely important to the design process to create a design that you will love! Please be sure to provide the correct email when ordering. 

Step 2: Mock Ups

A design based on your responses to the design brief! The mock ups often require alterations and adjustments are a rudimentary design to base the drafts off.

Step 3: Revisions

This is where I really make your dreams come true! All your input and critiques go into your design and it gets revised. People often apologize for requesting changes, but, rest assured, it is all part of the process! There is a limit on revisions, that depends on which product. 

Step 4: Final Draft

The revisions process will ultimately lead to the creation of the final draft! You'll get several file types, including PNG and PDF for all designs, and vector EPS for logo designs can be requested. 

Step 5: Go Live

When you're satisfied with the final draft, you're ready to take your design live and the design process is complete! You'll officially own all copyright to the designs and can release them and use accordingly. I do retain the rights to use in my portfolio and social media. NDAs can be signed for an additional fee. I will not release the designs before you do!