Inside The Coffin

Take a peek inside the coffin.

Hey, I'm Claira

Thanks for coming to my coffin

I am the eldest sibling, with 8 younger siblings, so I am very “TYPE A” haha! I’m a big social butterfly, I’ll talk to anyone about anything for hours.

Art is my passion and I love being creative.

I am a WFH mom and I have 3 beautiful, living children and 1 angel. I love having my house full and constantly have my nieces and nephews over. We’re a giant family all the time.

I am a huge advocate and have worked with a lot of non-profits for sobriety, mental health awareness. and DV. These are all very near and dear to me. SO, all designs related to these topics are free. I just want to spread awareness and help anyway I can.

My personal aesthetic is a mix of cottage core fairy and Victorian goth witch. (If you want branding done in either of these aesthetics, I’ll give you a huge discount, these are my favorite to do! )

I’ve been told my kids’ teachers that I am like a tattooed Ms.Rachel.

Lastly, I TRULY believe in community over competition. I’ve built communities just for women in my field and love helping new designers find their way. There is room for all of us. No business can replace the YOU in your business.

Thanks for reading about me and I can’t wait to talk to you!

How It Came To Be

Claira’s Consulting Co has been rebranded into Cobalt Coffin Design. Same amazing quality, just more passion.

I decided 2024 was a year for self love and growth. I am always preaching that your branding should be an embodiment of YOU and your morals, but my branding has always been very clean and corporate. Light and airy. That’s not me. I am fun and extra. I am goth, but still vibrant. I am always preaching that no shop can compare to yours because they can’t copy or take the “you” out of “your” business, Now, my branding matches that.

Cobalt Coffin Design was born from my deep love, borderline obsession, with the color blue. I love cobalt blue. I love all blue shades. I instantly like things better if they’re blue. So great, I had the first half nailed down.. Now what else could I add that was unique to me and original.... as I looked around my room and peered at the several coffin shelves, figures, and coffin shaped toys... It hit me that I had a second obsession, Coffins. So then the idea of a cobalt glass coffin popped into my head and I began drawing away. A cobalt blue, glass coffin adjourned with feathers and the moon cycle, reflecting my heritage and deep love for the moon. A brand that encompasses who I am as a person and I am so incredibly proud+excited to share this with you all.